Why are the pictures of sexual arousal postures kept in temples in Nepal?

Artistic idols of Yau’nasana can be found in various historical temples of Hanuman Dhoka, Patan, Bhaktapar in Kathmandu. The characteristics of these idols, which keep many people in awe and curiosity, are found to be different.

Although sex is the essential basis of human life and creation, our society prefers to keep it private. It can be seen engraved on the walls of temples of ancient times about sexuality that modern society has not been able to open.

According to Kimbadanti, if you keep art with sexual symbols in the temple, there will be no lightning and no damage will be done to the temple. Someone has said something by connecting this subject with religion, but in ancient times, the number of Buddhist pilgrims was more. Due to religion, most of the people gave up married life and started leading a sadhu life.

After such a situation, the Hindu kings of that time started devising various measures to bring them into the worldly life. Also, as the number of those who gave up their religion and became Buddhists increased and those who did not care much about married life and sexual life began to increase, when the population started to decrease, at that time, idols of sexual sports were made in temples to make everyday people active in sexual sports.

If we analyze this topic, some things may be true. Because many idols are carved in the shape of a sadhu. Some idols are also carved in the form of God.

It may mean that it is trying to convey the message that God also practices sexual intercourse, and another thing is that Buddhists also practice sexual intercourse.

Some people consider it an anti-religious act to carve such statues in the shape of Buddha. Most of the ancient temples were built by immediate kings. If the temples were built under the responsibility given by them, then the idols in the temples should be made according to their choice, so there are some accusations that the kings carved obscenities on the idols at that time.

If it is believed, when entering the temple, sensual art was carved outside the temple to give a message that people should throw away bad thoughts and feelings and enter only for purely religious feelings and actions. Some people have said that carving statues like this in places where people are more present is an educational work at that time.

In this way, people are aware of how to perform sexual intercourse due to the statue of sexual intercourse in Asana. If there is any opinion on this matter, sex was necessary for the salvation of Brahma, the creator of the world. Sexuality played a role in his rebirth, that’s why sexuality was depicted as an idol.

There are those who look at this issue as a link to Muslim attacks. In ancient times, Hindus were afraid of Muslim rulers. There was awareness at that time that the Muslims would not come near naked and sensual objects during the attack, that’s why such figures were carved to protect the temple from them.

Some people have depicted this issue as the rich and fun lifestyle of the kings of that time. Another issue is that there is a custom of worshiping a virgin as a living goddess. It is believed that as soon as Kumari is called ‘Virgin’.

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